7 Affordable Yet Best-Looking Golf Belts You Need In 2021!

When playing golf, both your hands are busy holding the golf club, and your gaze is transfixed on the tiny hole. Therefore, you need a sturdy belt that keeps your pant and shirt in place while continuously moving your arms and legs. A golf belt will not only keep your clothes in place but make them very comfortable while you move around. Adding up a stylish belt can amp up your style quotient as well. Don’t worry, you don’t need to rob a bank to buy a stylish belt. To buy the best golf belts, you don’t need loads of cash, just the proper knowledge. 

In this article, we have penned some valuable information to help you out on buying suitable golf belts without putting a hole in your wallet!

A Few Things To Consider Before Buying A Golf Belt

Material: Golf belts are constructed using different materials, so your first step in trying a golf belt is to choose the perfect fabric. Materials like animal skin, pure leather, nylon, cotton, etc., are some to try. Keep in mind that animal skin and pure leather are more expensive. Also, you should avoid them if you are looking for cruelty-free products. The materials need to be chosen based on comfortability and durability.

Flexibility: The more flexible your belt is, the more resilient it is to damages caused by bending or rolling. If you want flexible belts, make sure you choose ones that have a decent amount of elasticity in them. Try wearing the strap before you buy one; this will ensure the fit and elasticity you need for buying the best golf belt.

Style: Have a special thing for webbed or braided golf belts? What about the reversible ones? Do you prefer green or black? The styles, varieties, and colors of golf belts reflect your persona, so it’s best to check all the styles before buying your type of belt. Never pick a random belt just because they look good; wear it and check what looks good on you to identify your unique accessory.

7 Affordable Yet Best-Looking Golf Belts 

LUYI Unisex Braided Belt With Classic Buckle

Made with 30% leather and 70% elastic nylon, LUYI’s braided belt is a perfect accessory for teaming up with your golf tees and pants. This unisex belt is a handcrafted masterpiece using sturdy and high-quality leather. The belt looks sophisticated and provides a smoother touch. The leather is breathable, which prevents the feeling of hotness and sweat. The logo of the company “LUYI” is engraved on the end of the belt. Available in shades like Mixed Color, Yellow, Blue, and Navy Blue.

Meister Reversible Web Belt

Another great belt for both ladies and gents. Meister’s reversible golf belt is made of durable polyester nylon with an ergonomic webbing design for comfort and easy usage. The waist fighting is up to 42 inches. The design and color variants are mesmerizing and catch everyone’s attention. The solid metal buckle is sturdy and encloses the belt strap properly; they are interchangeable between belts. Need to celebrate your win? The belt has a hidden bottle opener on the other side and therefore comes quite handy. Available in ranges, American Flag, Team Red, Stacked Deck, Royal Argyle, Hot Pink, Player Green, White, Black, Modern Plaid, and Outer Space.

Jack Nicklaus Men’s Golf Web Belt

Jack Nicklaus Men’s Golf Web Belt

Made of 100% polyester material, this belt is durable and stretchy. The belt is cut to fit styled and is adjustable. It’s heavily durable even with heavy usage and doesn’t get battered or damaged. You can wash it using your hands or in the washing machine. The belt strap comes in navy blue color with a shiny silver automatic buckle at one end. The buckle has a bear logo cutout in the lower right corner. The pants’ waist size comes up to 42 inches. If you are looking for a synthetically made belt for rough usage, this is the guy!

Build A Belt Cut-To-Fit Golf Belt

Build A Belt’s Cut to Fit Golf belt is constructed with high-quality black finish nylon material. This one is a military-style belt, perfect for everyday usage. The belt comes with an extra-wide 1.5” buckle closure with matching metal tip and webbing straps. The buckle is interchangeable with any 1.5-inch webbing straps. If you are allergic to leather or belts, this one is the absolute safest as it contains hypoallergenic black enamel paint all over it. 

Under Armour Braided Belt

Under Armour always make some most delicate looking and feeling belts, and this one is no different. The strap is stylized by a braided design with stretch and flexible material. The material is made of high-quality polyester and has been added touches of colors to enhance the aesthetical aspects. The buckle is made of metal with the logo Under Armour imprinted on it. But don’t be fooled by the aesthetical aspects. This belt may look like million dollars and quite delicate, but it’s very durable and long-lasting.

Callaway Stretch Reversible Webbed Belt

The Callaway stretchy belt is an updated version of its former webbed belt. With this new version, you will get the same convenience as the older model with the added benefit of stretchiness. The belts are manufactured with stretchy and elastic nylon for the added flexibility. With more color options at hand, you can now choose your desire shade. Does a pretty decent job of keeping your clothes in place while you are busy playing golf.

J. Lindeberg Bubba Belt

Another one of the unisex collections, and we are simply loving it. Look at the color and the soft woven belt straps. Woven with all kinds of blue shades, the belt feels more like artwork! The leather detailing and embossed logo on the metal old-styled bucks gives it a premium touch and feel. Whether you play golf or not, you need to incorporate this stunning piece into your collection.


These are some of the gems we are talking about! Affordable, good-looking, and proficient accessories that make you look like you mean business. The classy finish and quality of these amazingly inexpensive belts can put a hundred dollars worth of belt to shame. Buy one or every belt and showcase your findings to your friends and peers.