How To Find The Best Golf Bags Of 2021!

Are you tired of stuffing your pocket in the club with golf balls? Is your current golf bag causing you pain? Are you looking to replace your everyday golf bag? Or are you simply looking to upgrade your contemporary style? Regardless of what you want, there is no denying that getting a new golf bag can help your swagger, and we all know how that can impact your swing, don't we? Getting a new golf bag helps a lot. Lightweight golf bags can do a lot, from freeing up your pockets and ending the reign of crusty golf gloves. We here at GolfingUtopia know the importance, and that's why we do our best to help meet the average golfer's demands. 

Our team specializes in providing fantastic value for golfing products. Being so close to the industry, we know all about the best golf bags that you need to check out. However, we know that there is no specific "best" product, and it depends on what your preferences are. So we thought we should let you know how you can find the best golf bags for your next game, so without further delay, let's begin!

What Types Of Golf Bags Are There?

You can find three main types of golf bags on the market, with most brands specializing in either of the three categories. The three types of golf bags listed in the following:

  • Stand Bags
  • Cart Bags
  • Staff Bags

So now that you know the types of golf bags out there let's talk about them a little bit in detail. In the following, you will find what each type of golf bag offers in terms of usability. Let's check them out.

Stand Bags

These are lightweight bags that come with a strap that goes over both your shoulders to ensure the weight is evenly distributed. These bags come with a system that extends two shafts on the base, and you can use them to keep the bag upright when taking your shot. If you want to find something bad with this stand bags, it puts a bit of strain on your shoulders and spine; otherwise, it's stylish and an easy to carry golf bag that's usually very light. 

Cart Bags

Cart bags are usually designed for push or pull carts and golf cars and provide golfers with huge storage capacities, and some can easily fit in a six-pack. These golf bags don't have pockets on one strip of the bag to line up with the center shaft of a push or pull cart. Cart bags offer excellent protection for golfing gear, and it usually sits flat on driveable golf cars and on the ground. However, we aren't a big fan of the single-shoulder strap. Also, it becomes challenging if you are playing without a cart!

Staff Bags

While you can get these bags, we wouldn't recommend these unless you are a pro. Staff bags are highly inconvenient and cumbersome for the average player and are usually used for advertising on TV. So we suggest you get a lightweight stand bag for maximum mobility and space.

How To Choose The Best Golf Bags?

As a golf enthusiast, getting the best golf bag is a top priority. It makes game days more manageable and more fun. Ideally, you would need to find the best golf bag to travel with from one hole to another. There are a few questions that will help you with that. Here in the following, you will find the questions that ensure you find the best golf bags that cater to your needs. So let's check them out!

Does Your Golf Bag Brand Need To Match Your Golf Club Brand?

Usually, golfers don't care, and it usually is a non-issue, but there are golfers out there who prefer to have their clubs and bags match. In this case, you should remember that brands that manufacture golf bags and apparel usually put more importance on bag quality than golf club manufacturers. So when looking for the best golf clubs, you may want to have a clear idea of what to choose. 

Do You Drive A Golf Car? Or Do You Walk?

How you move about in the golf course will play a vital part in finding the best golf bags. If you usually drive a golf car when playing, then a cart bag might be the best option for you. Cart bags are generally designed to fit and stand easily on the back of a golf car, and the pockets are easily accessible from the cart. 

Older stand bags weren't suited to stand upright on a cart. However, newer ones usually come with a flatbed that ensures it stays upright without much effort. If you typically walk from one hole to the other, you can even consider getting a stand bag that you can strap on or choose a good quality cart bag you can push about in the course.

Do You Want To Carry The Bag Or Push It?

As we mentioned earlier, if you prefer pushing a cart, then getting a cart bag is the best option for you. These bags fit and stand easily on the back of a golf car and provides clear access to all the pockets, and it aligns correctly with the cart. 

The weight is never an issue with cart bags as they are usually rolled on the cart over the ground. However, if you like carrying a bag, then get a stand bag. These usually come with straps that help distribute the weight of the golf clubs evenly. Cart bags are terrible at this as they typically have only one strap and can become cumbersome to carry around the course.

Do You Have Back Problems?

If you have back problems, then stand bags are bad for you as carrying the clubs on your back throughout the course might aggravate the back problem. Carry bags will put an unnecessary burden on your back, and so will pull carts. Our recommendation is you get a push car bag that will minimize the stress on your back.

Do You Travel With Your Golf Bags?

If you prefer traveling with your golf bags, then cart bags might not be what you need. The single straps it comes with put much strain on your back and is not used to carry heavy loads. Cart bags are usually not ergonomically designed to ensure ease of travel. Try using a lightweight carry/stand bag for your games, as these are specifically designed to ensure you have an easy time carrying. As a precaution, you can have two different bags, a cart bag for your house and a lightweight carry bag when traveling. 

How Much Do Your Prioritize Storage?

If you need maximum storage capabilities, then you need a cart bag. Cart bags on a pushcart offers the maximum amount of storage for golfers. These have their built-in storage on top of the cart bags many compartments, and you can store supplies to last you a week!

What Are The Best Golf Bags You Can Buy Now?

There are plenty of different golf bags out there. However, not all are great. The GolfingUtopia team thought we should let you know all you need to know about the best golf bags out there in the market right now. These golf bags offer the best value for the money. So without, let's check them out!

Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Bag

Amazon Basics' soft-sided golf bag is an affordable bag that you can consider getting for yourself. This soft-sided golf travel bag is convenient for carrying golf clubs around. These are made out of durable nylon fabric with reinforced stress points that ensure it can stand up on its own vertically. 

Its smooth-rolling, inline-skate-style wheels with heavy-duty curb rails and well-placed, riveted handles provide fantastic value for its price. There are compression straps that will protect your clubs, and the heavily padded top section covers the club heads. The travel golf bag measures 50 by 13 by 15 inches and has multiple zippered compartments for storing all the extra gear.

PAR3 GOLF0 Sunday Golf Bag

The PAR3 GOLF0 Sunday Golf Bag is one of the best lightweight golf stand bags in the market. It only weighs in at 1.95 pounds and can fit up to 6-7 clubs comfortably. This lightweight travel golf bag has excellent storage capacities, and the inside of the pockets is lined with velour to ensure your valuables remain protected at all times. 

The compact design ensures it fits into any truck with the utmost ease making it one of the best travel golf stand bags in the market right now. The built-in carry handle and strap ensure that you don't stress out your shoulder and back in the golf course, so if you are in the market looking for golf bags, be sure to check these out!

CHAMPKEY Lightweight Standing Golf Bag

CHAMPKEY Lightweight Standing Golf Bag

Weighing in at just 1.95lbs, the CHAMPKEY Lightweight Standing Golf Bag is one of the best travel golf bags you can get on the market right now. It easily fits in 6-9 clubs, and the five extra pockets make sure you have ample storage in the travel bag. It is an affordable choice while ensuring quality, making it a viable option for many golf enthusiasts. The Aluminum Alloy brackets are perfect for everyday golfers as it offers high load capacity and durability, so there is no worry about the brackets just giving in.

CHAMPKEY Sunday Golf Bag

From the same manufacturer as the last entry, the CHAMPKEY Sunday Standing Golf Bag is perfect for the avid golf enthusiast. Like the one before it, this bag weighs a mere 1.95lbs and can fit 6-9 clubs easily, making it the perfect option for an evening Sunday round or at an executive course. 

The extra five pockets ensure you have ample storage for all your golfing accessories like golf balls, golf divot tool & mark, olf tees, water cups, and others. The advanced aluminum alloy bracket ensures maximum load management and durability. So if you are looking for the best golf bag, then be sure to check this one out!

Cleveland Golf Cart Bag

The Cleveland CG Golf Cart Bag has a 9 inch top with a 14-way divider to ensure everything is organized inside the bag when you are out on the course. It features eight pockets and three grab handles for easy loading, and the waterproof zipper ensures everything inside is protected from the weather. It is one of the best lightweight travel golf cart bags in the market right now, with a weight of only 6.8 Lbs. So if you are looking for the best golf bag, then make sure you check out this cart bag from Cleveland CG.

LongChao Golf Cart Bag

The LongChao Golf Cart Bag comes with 14 dividers and eight pockets to ensure everything is perfectly organized for your games. It features sealed waterproof valuable holder pouches, large storage pockets, rangefinder pocket, insulted drinks holder, a mesh pocket, ball pocket to ensure you have a perfect trip to the golf course. LongChao has filled the cart bag with plenty of useful features like dual quick-grab carrying handles plus a backpack strap. 

It also features a removable rain hood with zippers, external umbrella cord included. Along with those, it also has a towel ring, glove attachment, plus glove hook and tee holders. It is a durable cart bag option for golf enthusiasts everywhere as it's made from wear-resistant & Anti-slip bag fabric technology, meaning it will stand up to most punishments you throw at it. This lightweight cart bag is one of the best in the market, and at an affordable price, we believe it offers fantastic value as well. 

Merchants Of Golf Tour X SS Golf Stand Bag

Weighing in at just 3.8lbs, the Tour X SS Stand bag is ultralightweight from Merchants Of Golf. It comes with a 4-way easy grab handle top to ensure ease of access, and it features a backpack-style, padded dual shoulder strap for maximum mobility. The stand bag comes with four zippered pockets, including an oversized apparel pocket and a lined valuables pocket. 

It's big enough to carry a full set of clubs, and it's lightweight, so it works perfectly as a golf travel bag. It comes in a few different colors as well. If you are looking for the best golf stand bags, we believe this might just make the grade. It's versatile, durable, and lightweight, making it the perfect option for the avid golfer.

Find The Best For You

So there you go, that's all you needed to know about how to find the best golf bags. We also listed seven of the best travel golf cart and stand bags in the market and make your life a bit easier. Now, we are not saying that those are the only good ones. There are other great products, so make sure you do some research before buying a lightweight golf bag. 

We here at GolfingUtopia specialize in providing the best golfing gear and accessories to golfers, and we stand by each of the products we sell. Our entire business model is predicated on providing you with value, and that's why we sell high-quality products at an affordable rate. So if you are looking for the best golfing accessories, then please contact us, and we will help you out. 

And with that being said, that's about all we have for you today. Let us know in the comments below what bags you use right now and hit us up on our socials, and send in your thoughts and suggestions. We look forward to your feedback, so please keep sending them in. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!