Most Common Mistakes People Make During Golf Cart Maintenance

Golfing is one of the famous pastime and luxury sport. Whether you’re a rookie, a professional, or play as a hobby, you need all the necessary golfing gear and equipment for a smoother game. If you play golf, buying a golf cart is a must! Dragging your golfing equipment in the golf field looks pretty exhausting and very unprofessional. So, how do you buy one? Simple! Go to a golf push cart shop or visit an online store to buy one, right? Mm...quite so, but there are a few things that new golfers miss out on when they go out to buy golf cars. Can you guess the mistakes? Let’s talk about the mistakes most first-time buyers make when choosing the perfect golf cart.

Choosing one by looks

It’s not written anywhere that the first golf cart you see is the one you should choose. Because, yeah, the cart may be one of the most elegant and good-looking vehicles you saw in your entire life, but that doesn’t mean it consists of all the valuable properties you are looking for. Never settle for the less! There are a few factors to consider before you buy a cart: the brand, the fuel efficiency, the model, etc. Do you want a cart that runs on electricity or gas? We suggest you do your homework online before buying a model. The research and comparison will help you find your perfect cart. Read reviews online, watch videos on youtube, talk to forums to know more about the brands and the models. Also, don’t forget to check the price!

Not paying proper attention to the tires

The aesthetic exterior won’t do you any good if the tires aren’t taken proper care of. When you buy a golf cart, you hardly face any tire issues instantly because they are new and in their best shape. However, this scenario changes once you have had your fair share of rides. Heavy usage, lack of maintenance and servicing, not washing the tires properly, etc., are contributing factors of tire deterioration. Always check your cart’s tire pressure to ensure the pressure is at optimum level and not exceeding. Invest in a tire pressure gauge and check the inflation level for your tires to trace the tires’ longevity. Once your tire is completely worn out, you need to replace them as fast as possible. 

Not including useful accessories

Accessories like the cover, floor mats, etc., are optional items but comes in handy to protect your buggy. Some accessories make your entire riding experience better. Therefore, choosing the accessories for your cart is a necessary step that people often tend to overlook. Here are some essential accessories that every golfer needs with their cart: seat belts, headlights, golf cart cover, floor mats, etc. Keep these in your list to protect your beautiful cart.

Letting irresponsible people drive your cart

We all have made the mistake of letting our reckless friends drive our vehicles at some point in our lives. But we do so because we love our pals and have a huge heart. And out of our stupidity, we let those morons ruin our golf cart as well as the riding experience. Refrain letting irresponsible people misuse your cart. Erratic driving isn’t a good thing; it can cause grave damage to people or the driving area. Just because these golf carts have a slower speed doesn’t mean they can’t hurt people. So, bear in mind whom you allow to drive or even sit with you.

Not charging the battery properly

If your golf cart runs by the battery, you need to charge it properly and maintain it to get the most out of it. The batteries should be charged after every usage, so make sure you do that to keep your cart in ace condition. Bear in mind that fully charged batteries add in more lifespan. Think of your cart’s battery as your phone battery. You won’t keep using your phone until the juices run out because it can reduce your battery’s lifespan.

Similarly, constantly draining the power of the battery of the cart can minimize its longevity. Avoid buying cheap batteries as this may result in acid leakage and lead to corrosion. Clean the batteries every so often to protect them from dirt and debris.

Failing to store the cart correctly

This is one of the most common mistakes a golf cart owner makes. Failing to store your golf cart can cost you! Improper storage of golf carts can cause severe damage to their engine and batteries. But the good news is you can avoid this by following a set of functions. So, this is the last piece of advice I am going to offer you. If you own a gas-powered golf cart, you should check your tire inflation; you should also check the fuel tank, inspect the battery and cables and make sure the wires are unplugged.

For electric carts, performing a check-up on the tire inflation, semiannual periodic lubrication, cleaning, and filling batteries with clean water is encouraged. Keep the battery is always charged is encouraged.

Looking for affordable golf carts? While we don’t have the actual golf cart in our store yet, we have golf push carts for sale. These are excellent for storing your golf clubs. The wheels of the cart give you ease of movement from one place to another. Here are a few good-looking options we would like to offer.

The collapsible golf push cart

  1. How True’s Collapsible Golf Push Cart: The collapsible golf push cart is lightweight and compact in size, making it easier to store your golf clubs. The cart is constructed with aluminum alloy and fixed with metal nails for a sturdy and durable finish. And because the casing is made of aluminum alloy, it won’t rust.
  1. Serenelife 2 Wheeler Golf CartThe 2 wheel cart is made of heavy-duty aluminum frame construction material and contains a padded height adjustable handle for multiple pushing positions and accommodating users of different heights. The push-pull golf cart features a compact foldable design & easy to fold/unfold in just seconds for hassle-free storage and transport.
  1. Jaffick Golf Push Cart: Jaffick push cart comes with 4 wheels for maximum support and stability. Because of the extra wheel, it is easy to pull, push and maneuver. The frame is made of aluminum which gives it solid sturdiness and durability. This folding golf cart also features ball-bearing wheels for a smooth ride over any terrain.


There you go! All the mistakes are rectified! Not really, but you know the drill, right? Now that you know how to care for your golf cart stop neglecting it and take necessary initiatives to protect it.